The following are our 'deliverables' in broad context. They represent what we are capable of, but don't hesitate to contact us for more details or clarification.

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System design

Hardware build

Software coding

Simulation and test

Commissioning and implementation

Overview (next)

Our main expertise is in application software design and implementation in the automation and control industry. This area includes PLC and CNC generic ladder coding as well as cross-platform or platform specific (Linux/Unix or Win32) compiled and interpreted programs inluding C/C++, JAVA, VBasic, PERL. We use DBF/Xbase, SQL/mysql and Access databases.

Our work structure is project oriented as our contracts tend to be one-offs, although we do undertake service and contract work. This has led us on to start developing internet diagnostics and monitoring for PLC & CNC networks.


System Design (next) (top)

Where it all starts. This side of a project includes the specification, hardware configuration, software strategy and project management. A good initial design with appropriate configuration management and quality systems will enable the project to develop efficiently.

All work is carried out to the company Quality Standards and following the company Quality Procedures. The company is structured for project based contracts. Small day-long jobs and longer projects all conform to the principles of accountability, quality and documented results.


Hardware Build (next) (top)

The nuts and bolts of the project. Clear drawings and agreed standards should bring about good workmanship. Site testing with customer involvement will build customer confidence and avoid any confusion later.

Egbert Systems Limited will undertake hardware design and organize the build of control panels using Swindon based panel building companies or prefered local (to the contracting company) sub-contractors.


Software Coding (next) (top)

The heart of the project. Success will depend on well structured and modular software construction, paying attention to space limitations and scan timing. Documentation throughout reduces confusion for all concerned and can help consolidate customer confidence.

Software will require a functional design specification which can be written by Egbert Systems Limited or prepared by the contracting company. This procedure will facilitate the speedy writing of the code and reduce changes to the software at later and more costly points in the project.


Simulation and Testing (next) (top)

The picture emerges. A well implemented simulation and testing program will confirm the design philosophy and keep project management targets clear. This will maintain customer confidence and highlight any weaknesses before it is too late.


Commissioning and Implementation (top)

The final stage, where the fruit of all the hard labour pays off. Efficiency and good customer liaison are required to bring our project to a satisfactory conclusion in good time and with few frayed nerves.